melancholy art print, I Will Be Your Light

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Product Description

In my darkest times it seems someone has always come
along to give me the 'light' I need to get through.
This piece is dedicated to those people who 'become that light'.
The lovely girl in this illustration started out as one of my original art dolls and now she is offering to be your 'light'.

Size -- 8" x 10"
Media -- Print

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Image size is 8" x 10" printed on 8.5" x 11" archival premium Epson matte paper, using rich Dye Based Inks that are said to last a lifetime. I print to order and I will sign and date this print upon request.

Print is securely packaged so that it does not bend during shipping.

Shown framed for illustration purposes only. Frame NOT included with print.

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melancholy art print, I Will Be Your Light

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